Following sheet is part codes catalogue for SUSPENSION SYSTEM. This product is very versatile, and apply to ZOTYE,JMC,DFM,GEELY,CHANGHE,BAIC,BYD,FAW,FOTON,JAC,DFSK,SAIC,MAXUS,DONGFENG,CHANGAN,MAZDA. For more information, please contact with your sales engineer or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Welcome to inquiry!

WEIPAAUTO, serve for your value!

2905100A-F00-B1 2905100XP6RXA 2905110AS56XA 2905110XKZ16A 2905110XS56XA 2905110XS56XB 2905200AG08XB 2905220XKZ16A
PC2010600101 PC2010600101A1 PC2010600201 PC2010600201A1 PC2010651401 PC2010651401A1 2905100V6500 C00061454
C00026788 2904100-CA01 2904200-CA01 2915100-CA01 2905015-7V2-C00 2905010R0090 J682905010 2905100AG08XB
2915100XK00XA 2915100XP03XA 2915100XS56XB 2915110AJ08XA 2915110XKZ16A C00002890 YX042-050 J69-2905010
J69-2905020 S22-2905010-L S22-2905010-R S22-2915010 2915010001-B11 A862905200 A862905100 C00060606
H09-2905020CS H09-2905010CS Q22-2905010 Q22-2915010 C00116944 2914100U1510 4141007 4201005
JP2-18A116-BA 4142007 48510 09K01 48510 8Z206 48531 09641 2904210-01 2904110-01 2904100-SA01
2904200-SA01 2915110XKZ16A-L 2915110XKZ16A-R 9070347 25995944 23551549L 23551549R 2915100D
9P2-18077-FB 2905102XGW02A 2905103XGW02A 2905372XGW02A 2905371XGW02A 2915101XGW02A 2915370XGW02A B013266
112915020 A00050786 48510-THA00 48520-THA00 23980281 24540456 48510-TFA00 55565300
48510-TXA00 48520-TXA00 20924216 10026598-R 10026599 L 2901020-7V2 2901015-7V2 B211039-0101
B211039-1001 2905100XPW04A 2915100XPW01A 23551549 Q22-2905010AC Q22-2915010 54310-4A500 48510-60260
2905200XKZ93A 2905100XKZ93A 2915200XKZ1DA 2915100XKZ1DA 11085674-00 11085673-00 10481758 2901010-P01
2905110XG47XA 2905110X-J34XA 2905220X-J34XA 30003602 R 30003618 30009866 L 21A24C001 21A24C002
2915010P3010 1005060-E4100 JP2-18077-BB 2904100CA01 2904100-SA01 2904200CA01 2904200-SA01 F3-2905130
F3-2905230 F3-2915110 2904100CA01 2904200CA01 50016055 R 50016195