part codes catalogue for TIMING SYSTEM

Following sheet is part codes catalogue for TIMING SYSTEM.
This product is very versatile, and apply to ZOTYE,JMC,DFM,GEELY,CHANGHE,BAIC,BYD,FAW,FOTON,JAC,DFSK,MAZDA. For more information, please contact with your sales engineer or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Welcome to inquiry!

WEIPAAUTO, serve for your value!

102301114L C5260613 PC2010194201 PC2010194203A1 PC2010194202A1 1025018FE040A C00014687 C00141717
5JA115909 5JA215909A 102301114L 1000078-D00-00 1000077-D00-00 10000-77E0100 1307024FA 1308032-101-JH50
SMD182294 3412011-K00 C00096149 C00258299 C00077409 C00320921 1444005 SMN187466
K012-0102 4PK1020 H15T012-2600 NE15T001-1150 4PK684 471Q-1000027 3407026B02S D99
D4G15-1025071 473H-1007073 H16009-0104 SMR994968 10090344 Q21-3701001 472FC-1007081 25194789
2585003 1307012A1A D20T011-0500 S311F211401-0200 PC201019-4201 372-1007081-A JE3406021A EA15015-2150
H16012-0100 24422964 3412011AK00XA 3701011-EG01 A0039937396 A0039935796 10202585 3701011AED95
1300011 1000105XP8TXA 96183108 5JA115909 NE14T004-0010 1604000-EG01 D4G15B-ZSTJ 1021000-D00-00
1604000-E00 1604000-EG01-6 1605000XEC01 D4G15B-ZSTJ D4G15B-1021021 D4G15B-1021060 1021070 1023400GD150
1023608gd150 1023611GD150 1023800gd15 1604000-4K22 1604000XEC01 1000002BBXX-2 JL465 D4G15B-DXB
4100QB-2 JL465Q5-DXB 10049940 1000600XED95 1004010XED95 1000600-EG01 1000600-EG01B 1000600-4K22