Following sheet is part codes catalogue for CLUTCH SYSTEM. This product is very versatile, and apply to ZOTYE、JMC、DFM、GEELY、CHANGHE、BAIC、BYD、FAW、FOTON、JAC、DFSK、MAZDA. For more information, please contact with your sales engineer or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. Welcome to inquiry!

WEIPAAUTO, serve for your value!

1601100B-EG01 1601100-EG01 EA150061001 1601100-EG01B 1601310-1E5 SMW254292 22400-72022 S21-1601020BA
22100-77021 CK1000 910BX-206 C00074697 Q21-1601020 C00066025 160110007 9P2-7563-DB 1600010A1
SHA7134 31210-TKA10 10051081 PRENSA C00066027 W94-0079 22100-61M00 1601020 H15T0061600AC
1601200-EG01-B1 1601200-EG01B 1601210-1E5 1600200P3010 CN1C15_7550_AA SMW254299 S21-1601030BA 1600200U2010
1601200D C00074698 Q21-1601030 EA015-0300 1602010A1 10013276 DISCO W94-0078 10092394 DISCO
22400-61M01 MW253668 1601050 1601020-001 1601021-001 PC2010262102 43030-V7100 C00051137
1702625-MR510A01 1706265-MR513B01 60RCT3438F0 996713K3-TX SC1602030 48RCT3303 50RCT3304 QR523-16025.00
48RCT2821FO 44TKZ2801B1R 23265-65D00 RCTS28SA RCT338SA1 RCTS-325SA RCT4075-1S T-38-S
90363-52086 68SCRN46PM ZM001D-1601308 10261626-00 CK1600 300A1 S1701L21153-50005 PA025-2120 C00035028
1706265-MR510A01 9P2-7548AA JC528T6-1601220 986809K QR512-1602101BA-A 1602030A 10019590 10019590 RODAMIENTO
C00217154 C00229941 W94-0301 QR512-1602101BA 1005203GA 10100210 RODAMIENTO J75-1601030-7 23524335
23820-79J00 DF2C-7C559-AA 16V24B-02050 9071623 5T-14-1602810